My life is a prayer. May I live it as an offering.

The soothing of resistance is the path to healing. The only authentic answers to your questions about body healing, work, relationship, and other life experiences are within you. I assist you in receiving them through clearing and balancing your energy body, thus raising your vibration, and improving your access to good health of body-mind-spirit.

The energy of love that I met when I went to see John of God in Brazil has completely influenced my practice. It is THAT that I would like to introduce you to. When I was in Brazil, I was given permission to bring home a crystal light bed, through which the Good Spirits work in my studio in Santa Cruz. 

Add to that, the alchemy of well-being brought by the words of Abraham and other “new thought” teachers; my years spent in Bali with traditional healer Ketut Arsana; the creative energetic practices taught by inspired teachers; the no-nonsense clarity of medical intuitve Patti Conklin’s training and cellular cleanse work; the sacred presence in my life of Amachi and Mother Meera; and a 20 year spiritual practice in Subud.

“Paso a paso,” step by step, I have followed my muse in locating my healers and teachers on the planet. I will help you follow yours. Welcome

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